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​​​​SOUTH POINT  Senior Shootout

November 11-15 & 16-19, 2024

​​​2024 South Point Super Senior Shootout

Event Formats


     Six games across twelve lanes on a 36’ pattern.  The top 20 qualifiers plus four Super-Duper Seniors (with 72 entries or more) advance to the Match Play Round.  With a full field of 120 competitors, 36 players plus up to eight Super-Duper Seniors not advancing to the South Point 36' Challenge Match Play Finals cash.
Match Play
     Qualifying pinfall carries over.  Re-oil lanes.  5-game Modified Match Play with 30 bonus pins added to each single game victory (15 bonus pins for ties).  In each round including the Position Round, the player assigned the left lane will start the match.  The fifth round is a Position Round.  Top five advance to the Stepladder Finals.
5-Player Stepladder Finals

     Single game elimination with 5th place bowling 4th place; winner bowling 3rd place, etc. The higher seed may choose which player will begin the match on the left lane.  The Championship match winner is the South Point 36' Challenge Champion.


     Six games across twelve lanes on a 44’ pattern.  Three in ten (or a maximum of 36) plus the top eight Super-Duper Seniors (age 70 and over) below the cut line advance to the Cashers' Round.  Qualifying Leader (or leaders in the event of a tie for Qualifying Leader) is/are automatically seeded into the 8-Player Stepladder Finals.
Match Play
     Re-oil lanes.  Drop all pins.  Players (including the Qualifying Leader(s)) bowl four games across eight lanes.  Top eight advance to Stepladder Finals.  If the Qualifying Leader(s) is/are not in the top eight after completion of the Cashers’ Round, that/those player(s) will be seeded respectively in the lowest positions for the Stepladder Finals and the remaining Stepladder Finals spots will be filled from the Cashers’ Round.
8-Player Stepladder Finals 
     In each match prior to the Championship:

  •  Two players will start the match on the left lane; one player will start the match on the right lane
  •  The highest seed will have starting lane and bowling order choice.  The next higher seed will have starting lane choice.  The lowest seed will be assigned the remaining starting lane and position.
  • The first player on the left lane will start and finish the match first.
  •  In the Championship match(es), the #1 seed will choose which player starts the match on the left lane.

Match 1: Single game including Seeds 6, 7, and 8.  Highest score advances.  Players not advancing finish 7th and 8th respectively.
Match 2: Single game including Match 1 winner and Seeds 4 and 5.  Highest score advances.  Players not advancing finish 5th and 6th respectively.
Match 3: Single game including Match 2 winner and Seeds 2 and 3.  Highest score advances.  Players not advancing finish 3rd and 4th respectively.
Championship: One or two single game matches including Match 3 winner and #1 Seed.  If the Qualifying Leader is also the Cashers’ Round leader, that player must be defeated twice.  The Championship match winner is the South Point 44' Challenge Champion.


      The top twenty-four players as determined by their composite qualifying positions from the two previous Challenge events earn a spot in the BowlTV Super Senior Elimination Bracket Finals.  Qualifiers 1 through 8 earn a first-round bye.  Seeding position ties are resolved using each player's total 12-game pinfall from the two Challenge Event Qualifying rounds.  In each round, the higher seed may decide which player begins the match on the left lane.  The 44’ pattern will be on the left lane and the 36’ pattern will be on the right lane of each pair.  The BowlTV Championship prize fund includes one $250.00 prize for a lady who do not otherwise cash in the championship.
Bracket Round 1:  Seeds 9 to 24 are matched in a seeded (9 vs 24, 10 vs 23, etc.) best-of-five one-game match.  Eight winners advance.
Bracket Round 2:  Winners from Bracket Round 1 are matched against seeds 1 through 8 in a seeded best-of-five one-game match.  Eight winners advance.
Bracket Round 3:  Winners from Bracket Round 3 compete in a best-of-three one-game match.  Four winners advance.
Semi-Final:  Winners from Bracket Round 4 compete in a one-game match on the same pair of lanes.  Two winners advance.
Championship:  Winners from the Semi-Final compete in a one-game match.  The Championship match winner is the BowlTV Super Senior Champion.


   Four games across eight lanes.  Two games will be bowled on each of the two patterns (36' and 44') to be used in the Challenge events.  Final standings determined by total four-game pinfall.  Prize payout is one in three plus two Super-Duper Seniors.  Limited to 84 entries.  Entry fee is $80.00.


   Four games across eight lanes on the pattern to be used in the Super Senior Shootout 36' Challenge event.  This event is open to ALL PLAYERS and has no age or national title limit restrictions.  Final standings determined by total four-game pinfall.  Prize payout is one in four plus two Super Seniors and with 45 or more entries will pay $777.00 to the "Lucky 7s" Sweeper champion.  Added prizes for players totaling 777 for their first three games or 777 for four games.  Entry fee is $77.00.


     Three games across six lanes on the same pattern as used in the South Point 36' Challenge.  Final standings determined by total three-game pinfall.  Prize payout is one in four plus two Super-Duper Seniors.  Limited to 60 entries.  Entry fee is $75.00.


     Using the scores bowled during the Steve Cook's Bowling Supply SS Sweeper or Challenge Event qualifying, a player may team up with other bowlers (forming doubles teams) in a total pinfall competition in each event.  The caveat: the combined ages of the players comprising each team must equal 130 or more.  Teams may only enter once.  The cost is $20.00 per team and the payout is one prize for every five teams.


     South Point Hotel has generously provided for a prize of $250.00, in addition to any prize money already earned, to the Super-Duper Senior player (age 70 and over) with the lowest composite finishing positions in each of the three major events: South Point 36' Challenge, South Point 44' Challenge, and the BowlTV Super Senior Shootout Championship.  That player will be recognized as the "South Point Super-Duper Senior Shooting Star".